Frith Old Farmhouse, Otterden, Farversham
- Peter & Gill Regan

This is a garden of about ¾ acre developed over the last 35 years. It began with just two apple trees, rough grass & brambles; areas were gradually cleared, and planting was done in a very informal style.

It has developed into a collection of plants in a woodland setting as our selected trees and shrubs, chosen to provide more than one season of interest, have matured.

Although our main interest is in bulbs and woodland plants, we try to grow as wide a range of unusual and interesting plants as possible, in a natural style, with the plants growing into each other. The garden therefore may seem unplanned.

It contains plants from many different regions of the world, some of which are sufficiently suited to our location to have naturalised.

We have developed habitat areas (raised beds, including the vegetable garden, hot dry places, and a scree) to extend the range of plants that we can grow successfully.
Peter & Gill Regan
Frith Old FarmhouseFrith Old FarmhouseFrith Old Farmhouse
Nordvestjylland Afdeling v/ Thorvald Jensen, Tlf. 97 10 18 51,
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